Tara Shelley

From the very young age of 4 Tara has been exposed to the film industry as an Actress. Working on multiple sets for TV, Film, Commercial, Theatre and Print, she has seen what it takes to make everything run smoothly. Tara has now decided to step onto the other side of the camera and help Tamara find the actors that make these characters come to life.

Casting is sort of like looking at paintings. You don't know what you'll like, but you recognize it when you see it. - Steven Bochco

Proudly Canadian

Romina Pintucci

Romina has been working in the film industry for the last 20 + years at various positions ranging from in front and behind the camera. Having worked along side Tamara during this time, she has now stepped in to the position of Casting Assistant. Romina will be utilizing her vast knowledge of the film/entertainment industry to bring the Casting to a new level. Romina will be geared primarily towards commercial casting.

Tamara Shelley

Tamara has been in the film industry for over 30 years. She has been on both sides of the camera as a Model, Actor, Agent and now a Casting Director for the past 16 years. Tamara understands that your network is everything when it comes to finding great talent. Tamara has experience doing Union, Non-Union,  Actra, UDA, UBCP, AFTRA, SAG, and as of recently doing International casts.